Friday, May 1, 2020

Review: Joker Prank Shop - Trick Soda Can

The Joker™, clown prince of crime and Gotham’s most dangerous trickster, has opened up shop
to bring you his favorite pranks for spreading mayhem and chaos!

So, we went to the Wal-Mart today in order to stock up on quara-food, I was also in desperate need of coffee as well. The toilet paper aisle was still empty, but I was able to score the last box of Folger's K-cups! Win! Time to hit the toy aisle and see if those re-released Real Ghostbusters figures are in... Rats! Skunked again! But wait, what have we here? Joker Prank Shop branded jokes and novelties!

Basic Fun has released a whole line of Joker Prank Shop toy pranks! Oh boy! So the Joker has opened up his own prank shop, huh? What's up with that lame idea? Selling mean-spirited pranks to all the kids of Gotham City, turning them all into a bunch of monstrous little assholes pulling... Wait, hold on! Oh, snap! What an insanely ingenious way to spread mayhem and chaos, driving everyone crazy! Dadgum, I really wanted them all! But, alas, I had to settle for just three this time... The Trick Soda Can, the Snake Chase Prank, and the Mega Pranks Speaker.

The Trick Soda Can is my favorite, so lets take a look at it today.

Place the innocent-looking trick soda can where you know your victim will find it, then sit back and wait for the ball-tumbling mayhem to begin! This trick soda can, cleverly styled to look like an innocent can of root beer, comes with 20 balls that you can load into the can - all the better to annoy your victim! Once the prank is pulled, place The Joker Calling Card at the scene to let your victim know they've been pranked.

The prank is packaged in a green blister pack showcasing a fake root beer soda can, featuring the Joker Prank Shop branding with the blurb, "Who will you prank?" (Most likely your long suffering mom and dad) along with the new DC Bullet, and the Joker's face down on right corner of the front.

The back of the package shows images of all the contents of the package. At the top is the sales pitch for the Joker Prank Shop and the prank itself. Now it's time to tear into the package...

When the package is opened you will find the eponymous root beer soda can, a bag containing 20 small solid plastic red balls, a set of instructions, and a cool ass Joker playing card! (The card is to left behind as a calling card so the victim will know they were pranked by the Joker!)

Now, lets take a look at that instruction sheet...

  1. Remove the base of the can and remove the stopper pin.
  2. Load balls into can, then replace the stopper pin.
  3. Replace lid on bottom of can.
  4. Place the soda can where your prank victim will see it then laugh loudly when they pick up the can and the balls go tumbling everywhere.
Don't forget to leave THE JOKER calling card at the scene, so your victim knows who pranked them!

Victim? Heh heh... I love that! Ah, yes recipients of pranks like this truly are victimized by them. Oh and don't forget, "laugh loudly" at their misfortune, further victimizing them by your ridicule! Practical jokes like this are wonderfully delightful ways to lose friends and alienate family! Oops, I digress...

The action on the fake can works perfectly every time! The little balls roll and tumble everywhere! I nearly lost a few of them just playing around with it. Unfortunately, the fake can looks, well fake... However, as we say in magic, the idea itself is worth the price of the trick. I bet a real can could easily be rigged to work for this insidious little prank! >:D Finally, one of the highlights of this set is the included bridge-sized Joker Calling Card printed on real playing card stock! Each prank's included card features a different suit on it; diamonds on this one. Be sure you always leave it at the scene of the crime!

Now, lets take a closer look at everything:

What did you think of today's adventure in The Joker Prankshop? Have you ever pulled a prank on someone? How did it go? Did it backfire? Tell your story in the comment section below!


  1. Why would you go to the trouble of paying through the nose for The Joker license, and then make such cheap toys that most people aren't going to buy?

    1. I don't know... When I was a kid I would have been all over these things. (Heck, even as an adult I am still all over these things! lol!) And the Joker branding is absolutely a plus... I have noticed also that things are flying off the shelf at Wal-Mart as well. I went back to get the other two sets yesterday and they were sold out of the 2 in 1 Blaster!


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