Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Review: The Joker Prank Shop - 2-in-1 Fake-Out Blaster

The Joker™, clown prince of crime and Gotham’s most dangerous trickster, has opened up shop to bring you his favorite pranks for spreading mayhem and chaos!

This prank toy is the ultimate blaster fake-out! Gently pull the trigger to release the “BANG!” flag, then just as your unsuspecting victim relaxes…squeeze the trigger and shower them with crazy string or water! Plus, you'll hear the sound of The Joker laughing after you pull the trigger. The set includes 1 specially designed can of crazy string. When the string runs out, use the included water bottle to keep the pranks going! Once the prank is pulled, place The Joker Calling Card at the scene to let your victim know they've been pranked. Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. For ages 5 and up.

  • Prank your friends with this 2-in-1 fake-out blaster that shoots crazy string or water!

  • Gently pull the trigger to pop out the BANG! flag, then wait for your victim to relax… and shoot them with crazy string or water as The Joker laugh plays

  • Place The Joker Calling Card at the scene so your victim knows who pranked them

  • Inspired by Gotham's clown prince of crime, The Joker

  • Set includes 1 2-in-1 fake-out blaster with The Joker laugh sound effect, 1 can of crazy string, 1 water bottle, and 1 The Joker Calling Card. Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included.

The Joker 2-in-1 one Fake Out Blaster is based on a classic Joker prank, the ol' bang gun fake out prank, as seen in Batman 321, Dreadful Birthday, Dear Joker... ! But the real version is a bit more deadly than the toy... Joker's pranks are generally always lethal! His victims are usually one his own goons, who commits some trivial error or slight disrespect, such as not laughing at one of the Joker's ghoulish jokes. Like poor Sidney, who ended up getting shot through the eye with the bang flag!

This toy is actually more substantial than I thought it would be! Once loaded and with the batteries installed it actually has a lot of heft to it. The little bang flag works great you just have to be careful rolling it up when you reload it -- not too tight nor too loose! You can pick either crazy string with the joker crazy string can or use water with the included water bottle. Basic Fun Toys dropped the ball, though, by not offering crazy string reloads as a separate product! Once you run out of crazy string, that's it, water only from here on out. Who's going to shell out another 20 bucks for another gun just get more crazy string!? Also, to hear the "Joker laugh" sound effect you must supply your own batteries. However, the gun still works fine and shoots without the batteries!

Oh yeah, don't forget to leave the included Joker Calling Card behind so your victim knows they've been pranked! This card is bridge-sized and printed on real playing card stock. The face of the card features a silver background with the Joker's face over a field of "haha's." This time the corner pips are the Joker's face instead of one of the card suits. The back design is just like that of all the other cards in the pranks line, a purple crosshatch design embossed with light purple "haha's" with the Joker's logo in the center!

What about today's adventure with the Joker Prank Shop 2-in-1 Fake-Out Blaster? What's your favorite prank? Give us a shout out in the comment section below!


  1. amusing... wishing you and yours a pleasant end of the week

    1. Glad you enjoyed the adventure, Kind Sir! Hope you are staying safe.


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