Monday, May 25, 2020

Review: The Joker Prank Shop - Ultimate Prank Kit

The Joker™, clown prince of crime and Gotham’s most dangerous trickster, has opened up shop to bring you his favorite pranks for spreading mayhem and chaos!

So many pranks, so little time! Hide the speaker near your unsuspecting victim, then use the remote control to trigger 10 different annoying sounds, like a mosquito buzz, water drips, footsteps, farts, and even The Joker laughing. Fake ‘em out with a trick soda can - when they try to pick up the innocent looking can, 20 small balls go tumbling everywhere! Or make ‘em jump with a popper that bursts open to reveal confetti and a collectible The Joker balloon. Once the prank is pulled, place The Joker Calling Card at the scene to let your victim know they've been pranked. Speakers require 4 AAA batteries, 2 AAA batteries included. For ages 5 and up.

  • Prank your friends with this collection of a trick soda can, mega pranks speaker, and collectible confetti popper!

  • Hide the speaker near your unsuspecting victim. Fake ‘em out with a trick soda can. Or make ‘em jump with a popper that bursts open to reveal confetti and more!

  • Place The Joker Calling Card at the scene so your victim knows who pranked them

  • Inspired by Gotham's clown prince of crime, The Joker

  • Set includes 1 trick soda can, 20 small balls, 1 mega pranks speaker with remote control, 1 confetti popper, and 1 The Joker Calling Card. Requires 4 AAA batteries, 2 AAA batteries included.

We're visiting the Joker Prank Shop for one final time for a review of the last item in the new Basic Fun Joker Prank Shop toy line, the Ultimate Prank Kit!

You might think that this kit is just a rehash or combination of the single pranks previously released, but you would be only partially right. The Mega Pranks Speaker is just the same, however the label on the Trick Soda Can is that of a citrus drink instead of root beer. In case you're wondering, the snake prank is not included, instead this kit contains one new prank, a confetti popper which is only available in this set.

The popper is kind of a lame prank, and can only be done once. Once it is popped, that's it. It can't be reset. Again, like not making silly string refills for the 2-in-1 Blaster, I think Basic Fun missed the mark by not making the poppers available separately. A set containing three of these poppers would have sure been nice. Certainly no one is going to buy this whole set over again just to get another lame popper!

Don't forget to leave the Joker Calling Card at the scene of the crime! The card included with this set is just like the one included with the 2-in-1 Blaster -- The card is bridge-sized, printed on real card stock. The face features the Joker's Face with a field of "haha's" over a silver background. The corner pips are little Joker faces. The back is the Joker logo over a purple crosshatch design with light purple "haha's."

But the question remains: is this set worth getting if you already have the speaker and the soda can? Probably not, just to get the popper. While you do get a different label on soda prank, that's the only difference. Now, if you don't have the other two pranks you could get this set and skip them. However, if you are an insane collector such as me, you probably will get this set along with the others!

Well, with this post we've now seen all of the pranks in this wave of Basic Fun Toys' The Joker Prank Shop brand. Will there be a second wave of pranks? If so what could be done? Joy buzzers? Whoopie Cusions? Maybe squirting lapel flowers! I for one hope they realized that pranks that come with loads that require refilling need to have refills available! It sure would be nice to be able buy extra cans of silly string for the Blaster, or get some extra confetti poppers.

How about it, gang, lets hear your thoughs about today's adventure in the Joker Prank Shop! Do you have the Ultimate Prank Kit? Have you tried any of these pranks? Any speculation on a second wave of pranks? Let loose in the comment section below!


  1. These are enjoyable posts !!
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  2. You are very welcome, Kind Sir! Thanks for your visit. Hoping you are having an enjoyable Memorial Day.

  3. Merchandising and capitalism at its finest. Fun stuff.


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