Saturday, September 11, 2021

Masters of the Universe - Attak Trak Battle Machine

The Attak Trak, a vehicle from the vintage Masters of the Universe toy line, is a rugged land vehicle with a red chassis, built by Man-At-Arms and used by the Heroic Warriors. Its mighty treads are able to negotiate difficult terrain and overcome even the most challenging obstructions. Although designed for a single driver, it is large enough for passengers to ride holding on to its sides. The vehicle is also armed with two laser guns capable of firing powerful blasts.

Many of the components of the Attak Trak were salvaged by Man-at-Arms from the ancient ruins of the elders. Unknown to Man-at-Arms, the computer control system that he found included a powerful artificial intelligence (AI), making the vehicle capable of acting on its own and it will actually refuse to allow the Evil Warriors to operate it!