Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Review: miWorld Playsets by Jakks Pacific


Remember Jakks Pacific? They had the license for making WWF/E wrestling figures and playsets for years. The line of so called "Grapple Gear" made for the line was some of best diorama fodder ever created, in my humble opinion. Well they came back the last couple of years with a line of girl toy playsets called miWorld (pronounced "My World"), "the only line of super realistic miniatures that allows kids to build, collect, connect, display, and play in all the trendiest stores and mall spots." In other words, fully licensed, real world branded, store playsets in 1:12 playscale! Perfect for action figures!

Moving blog hosts

I have used to host this blog for a few years. It was never very reliable but I had so many posts and pictures there that I never really ever moved. Well it has come back to bite me that I never exported it. is dead. I haven't been able to load it for several months now. I have moved the blog here but I don't have any of the old posts. Here we start a-new! Enjoy...