Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Kenner Super Powers Mister Miracle


The son of Highfather, Scott Free was traded as an infant for Darkseid's child, Orion, to end the war between Apokolips and the New Gods of New Genesis. Scott later fled to Earth where he took on the mantle of Mister Miracle, and is considered the greatest escape artist in the universe. He is the husband of former Female Fury, Big Barda.

The 3rd and final wave of the Super Powers Collection, released by Kenner in 1986, included an action figure of Mister Miracle. Mister Miracle features a "Power Action Wrist-Lock Escape," just squeeze his legs together and his arms pop free of the cuffs!

Mister Miracle was created by Jack Kirby, debuting in Mister Miracle #1 way back in 1971. He is a member of Kirby's Fourth World race "The New Gods," and the son of the leader of New Genesis, Highfather. Fellow comic book artist Jim Steranko inspired Kirby's creation of Mister Miracle due to Steranko's real life experience and skills as an escape artist. Also, Mister Miracle's relationship with his wife Big Barda is based on Kirby's relationship with his own wife Roz!

According to creator Jack Kirby's then-assistant Mark Evanier, Kirby desired to be a comics creator and creative supervisor at DC Comics, rather than just a regular writer-artist... Kirby originally planned to do a few issues of Mister Miracle and then have Evanier write it and Steve Ditko do the art. However, Carmine Infantino, publisher of DC at the time nixed the idea, saying that Kirby had to do it all himself. However, Evanier ended up unofficially co-plotting most of the series anyway.

Now lets take a look at the figure!

The Packaging:
Card Front Card Back

Finally, here is a printable bio-card replacement! Just print these two images out on card stock and cut them out and glue them together to make your own replacement bio-card for Mister Miracle!

How about today's adventure? Do you collect Super Powers toys? What figures do you have? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below!

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