Sunday, November 7, 2021

Masters of the Universe Origins - Mysteries of Grayskull Deluxe Accessories Pack - Power Con 2021 Exclusive

One of the most-requested obscure Masters of the Universe characters finally becomes a fully articulated action figure in this accessory pack. The Explorer Space Suit was originally depicted as a cardboard insert in the vintage Castle Grayskull playset. While it might have originally been intended to be a space suit, it has also been interpreted as either an ancient suit of cosmic armor or even a robot. It certianly has sparked the imaginations of fans over the years, and now it gets its own figure in the new Origins style. Originally released as an exclusive for Power-Con 2021, the figure comes in a three-pack of add-ons for the Origins Castle Grayskull playset which also includes a 3d dungeon grate with tentical monster, and the Spirit of Grayskull.