Sunday, April 26, 2020

Super Powers: Armagetto Diorama

Armagetto is the filth-stewn slum where the Hunger Dogs dwell
and struggle to survive in the shadow of Darkseid's Palace.
Established in Jack Kirby's Fourth World comic book series, the hellish planet Apokolips is a high-tech industrial wasteland composed of a planet wide urban sprawl, punctuated by fire pits spewing heat and flames from the very molten core of the planet. Apokolips is ruled by the tyranical Darkseid, who presides over his downtrodden people by force and fear.

Located near Darkseid's Palace, Armagetto is a filthy ghetto regularly patrolled by Darkseid's Parademons where the Hunger Dogs, Darkseid's most lowly and abused subjects, dwell and struggle to survive.

Darkseid surrounds himself with an inner-circle, known as the Elite, composed of his son Kalibak, the sadistic Desaad, his uncle Steppenwolf, and the power vampire Mantis.

Darkseid     Kalibak     Desaad
Steppenwolf     Mantis     Parademon
The Super Powers Collection toy line desperately needed more villains for its second wave of toys and what better choice than artist Jack Kirby's seminal "Fourth World" characters? Darkseid and his minions were deemed ideal for this purpose and Kirby was even allowed to redesign these characters for the toy line, earning for himself substantial royalties from the figures produced!

The Armagetto diorama was created on an Ultarama Display System using a cartoon cell from Super Powers: Galactic Guardians. Here are the images used so you can make your own diorama of Aragetto:

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