Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Update: Sea-Monkeys Order Form

Here is a Sea-Monkeys® order form created in Excel that can be used to order Sea-Monkeys® supplies from Transcience LLC. Just choose the items wanted and hide the rest. The form will do all the work automatically, just print it off and mail it along with payment to address on the form.

This form was recently updated to include only those items available and the latest prices on the Official Order Form. The form now includes radio buttons to choose payment type and a check box for foreign orders.

This form will always be available in the sidebar under Downloads.

EDIT: Thanks to Neil DeLury for finding an error in the quantity calculation on the form. The file was updated June 4, 2018.


  1. The quantity only calculates for cells E7:E33. The Order list extends to E39 currently.

    1. Thanks for catching that! The file has been updated.


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