Thursday, April 26, 2018

Having Fun at the Mall...

Here are some of the latest goings on at the miWorld action figure mall... The custom arcade (Shadies Arcade) has been completely converted to miWorld: walls, base, even the stools. There is also now a Claire's for the girl action figures to hang out in. Really, a place needs to be made to put this on permanent display!

These sets have probably been overlooked by many collectors, partly because they were marketed to girls, but mainly because they aren't part of any collectible toy line. However, they have endless potential for creating cool displays and action figure photos. Check it out:
Koona T'chuta, Solo?
Han Solo and Greedo face off in the Dairy Queen. Han has been dodging the bounty hunter for a long time, but at last Greedo has tracked him down. They sit down at a table to talk, both wary and ready for trouble. And then -- blaster fire. After a momentary silence everything continues as usual. After all, this sort of thing happens all the time in this remote section of the mall...

Surfs Up, Jokers Under
Joker plans to take over Gotham City by winning the surf contest! Can Batman foil his plans by out surfing him?

Everything seems normal at Claire's today, when suddenly...

Calamity strikes!

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  1. Yeah I could see it. I could see the Xmen hanging out...then an attack happens. I can see Peter Parker with Mary Jane in that setting too.

    1. Just about any action figure in 1:12 (6") to 1:18 (3.75") will work...


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