Monday, April 23, 2018

Review: 'Lost in Space' 2018 Netflix Reboot

Lost in Space is basically the Swiss Family Robinson... IN SPACE! The original series, which started off rather serious but became more humor oriented towards the end, lasted three seasons from 1965-1968. A big budget movie remake was made in 1998, but went nowhere. And now Netfix brings us a freash new re-imagining of the series.

The basic premise remains the same -- Earth has become crapsack world, so all the best and brightest (more likely the richest and powerfullest) plan to escape to and colonize a planet in the Alpha Centauri system and start over. After an accidental crash-landing on an unknown alien planet, surrounded by hidden dangers, the Space Family Robinson family must fight against all odds to survive and escape... There are a few updates to the story of course, the Robinsons are no longer a typical 1950s nuclear family but are now disfunctional with the parents on the verge of seperation, "Dr. Smith" is a sociopathic female identity thief, and the robot is a mysterious mechanical alien being which nobody ever quite trusts (especially considering that before being tamed by Will, it went on a murderous rampage and is the main reason they are here!).

Only 10 episodes long, Lost in Space mainly concerns the space castaways efforts to escape from the planet to rendezvous with their mothership somewhere nearby. All the while, Dr. Smith seems to thwart their every move by manipulating and gaslighting everyone to her own twisted ends.

Inspired by the original's story plot, the new Netflix Lost in Space series goes out of its way to try and not be a carbon copy of the 60s series. The series relies on confusing flashbacks to reveal the elements of the backstory and the Robinsons aren't the only space family trapped on the planet. Despite the lack of cohesion and characterization, the series is entertaining and attention grabbing. Parker Posey's "Smith" is a delightful shit-stirrer with a motive and a mysterious backstory which unravels as the series progresses. Recommended

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  1. Parker Posey? They still cast her? Interesting...

    1. Yep, actually she is one of the best things about the new series... Her "Dr. Smith" generates just the right heel heat. She is so twisted and devious that you stick around not only to see when and how she gets her just deserts but to see just what mischievous or evil thing she will do next!


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