Thursday, April 12, 2018

Saturday Morning Flashback: Claws in the Lease

Originally a Merrie Melodies cartoon released by Warner Bros. in 1963 and directed by Robert McKimson, Claws in the Lease opens with Sylvester the cat and his son Junior living in the city dump eating garbage. Junior has had enough, so off he goes in search of a real home, something easy enough for a cute little kitten, but not so easy for mangy old Sylvester...

When joining a couple of groups dedicated to Saturday Morning cartoons recently, I was asked what my favorite cartoon of all time was... Well I can't explain why, its not one of Warner Bros. or McKimson's best efforts and it certainly isn't a classic, but I find Claws in the Lease to be hilarious, especially Sylvester's increasingly outlandish efforts to try to get in the house. The ending sequence always leaves me in a fit of giggles. See for yourself, here it is... Claws in the Lease!

What did you think of this cartoon? What's your favorite cartoon? Please leave a comment below and let us know!

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