Sunday, December 3, 2017

Repaints and a Big Score

Monster Scenes models have been the focus for the past couple of weeks as The Dungeon and Animal Pit models were recently brought out and assembled and painted. Afterwards, all the old models were added to the new ones to create one big scene, seen in the previous post. While setting up, it was determined that some of the older models were in need of some attention.
Originally only the control panel from the Pain Parlor and Big Zap Generator were to be repainted with aluminium paint from the original light blue that didn't look so great.
Next, the dragon-rat for the Animal Pit need painting...
Afterwards, it was time to paint the two giant rats and the armored aardvark from the Dungeon. During this process it was noticed that the little rat from Gruesome Goodies could do with a repaint.
While the little rat was being worked on, it was decided the sabor-toothed rabbit needed an upgrade as well. He is actually supposed to be a cat with a transplanted rabbit's head. Originally all brown, he now sports a white head and a grey tabby cat's body.
Aurora Monster Scenes Dracula and Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde figures were originally released only in Canada in the mid-1970’s and are highly sought-out by collectors. Monarch Models released them as their final kit before shutting down in January of 2016. Teased on Facebook for over a year, the kit was quietly released in mid-November of 2015. Limited to only 1000 sets, the kits were never offered to hobby shops or distributors. One was scored recently, completing the Monster Scenes collection! Hopefully these kits can be assembled and painted over the holidays.

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