Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Monster Scenes: Latest Updates

I don't know about you guys, but I never truly complete work on a model, I just finally abandon working on them after a while. Sometimes I find myself getting a model out and working on it again. This happened recently with my Monster Scenes models. I did a bit detail painting today, along with a couple of additions... A sign and little hanging shelf for Dr. Deadly's library of lurid medical books.
The Saber Tooth Rabbit and his ratty friend got a bit of much needed attention. The rabbit actually has a cat's body, so I repainted the body to look like a grey tabby with stripes. The head was completely repainted white and the eyes were repainted and look more life-like. The little rat never looked good; I kind of rushed painting him originally. This time I took my time to bring out the detail in him. Compare the original paint job with the new one in the images below.
The Dungeon arch was given a bit more detail by painting the grout and adding a light gray dry brush to the stones. The skeleton in the Pain Parlor was given a bit of attention as well to bring out the detail in the skull and bones.

Finally, a sign was fashioned for the laboratory because Dr. Deadly obviously doesn't want any unauthorized visitors nosing around in his domain!

Sometimes I wonder if other modelers ever return to their work to rework things they aren't satisfied with. I am actually never satisfied with a model and as I said before I never consider them complete, I just choose to halt work on them at some point.

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