Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Monster Scenes: Collection Completed

After Dencomm acquired the rights to the name "Monster Scenes," the company licensed Moebius Models to begin re-releasing the Aurora Monster Scenes kits. Using the original tooling, six kits were initially released including Dr. Deadly, The Victim, Frankenstein, and The Hanging Cage. Later the license for Vampirella was worked out with Dynamite publishing allowing for the release of her model. However, without the tooling for Dracula and Jekyll/Hyde it seemed there was nothing else left to release.

Dencomm announced that they had acquired the original tooling for the unreleased kits of The Dungeon and The Animal Pit and while work began on them, a few new kits for the line such as The Skeleton, the Feral Cat and Saber Tooth Rabbit were released. Meanwhile, Monarch Models quietly released Dracula & Jekyll/Hyde as a set before going out of business. No US manufacturers could be found that were willing to work with the original molds so it took nearly 5 years after being announced for the kits to be finally released. Now, with the release these so-called "lost kits", the line is finally complete...

The Cast of Characters

Dr. Deadly Frankenstein Vickie "the Victim"
Vampirella Dracula Saber Tooth Rabbit & Rat

The Sets

Gruesome Goodies The Pain Parlor
The Hanging Cage The Pendulum
The Dungeon The Animal Pit

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