Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dracula Enters the Scene

Dracula joined the Monster Scenes models today.
When Aurora cancelled the Monster Scenes line back in the early seventies, the Dracula kit was ready for release. Along with Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and the Giant Insect kits, it was later released in Canada, but not in the USA. The original kit is extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors. Dencomm through Moebius Models had already released the Giant Insect, but not the other two models as they didn't have the molds. Monarch Models released the kits as a set in November of 2015. Regrettably, Monarch went out of business in 2016, making this set its last release. Limited to only 1000 sets, the kits were never offered to hobby shops or distributors.

Dracula was designed to be able to descend the spiral stair of the Animal Pit.
Watch out Vickie, here comes Dracula!
All the models have been put together to make Dr. Deadly's Lair

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