Sunday, December 4, 2016

What I learned about Blogging and Image Storage

Some of the posts made to this blog back when it was hosted at were recently found and a valuable lesson was learned.
Consistently store posted images on an external image storage site! was and is the blog's external image host site.The only problem? It was never consistently used! In other words, sometimes images were posted using the blog's local image storage and other times was used.

So, what difference did it make? Well if the blog ever has to move hosts and access to the local image store is lost, you are screwed. Furthermore, even if access to the local image archive isn't lost,  if/when imported, all the local images will have to be saved and each post updated... by hand! Externally located images just import right on over automatically.

Same with videos... but  video content has always been on YouTube, so in that respect there hasn't been any problems with importing video content.

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