Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Battle Over the Sea-Monkey Fortune

Something very wrong is happening in world of Sea-Monkeys® right now. Big Time Toys (aka: Sam Harwell) is trying to wrest the trademark for Sea-Monkeys® away from the Transcience Corp (aka: Yolanda von Braunhut, widow of Sea Monkeys inventor Harold von Braunhut)! Read the article below from the New York Times for more information...
Photo credit: Justine Kurland for The New York Times

The Battle Over the Sea-Monkey Fortune
A former 1960s bondage-film actress is waging legal combat with a toy company for ownership of her husband’s mail-order aquatic-pet empire. | By Jack Hitt | April 15, 2016

Note: The official Sea-Monkeys® site has been suspended So the only way to order them is by old fashioned mail-order (with the caveat that you realize that this is a two person operation in the basement of an elderly lady's rural home and it could take a couple of months to get your order!).

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