Saturday, April 24, 2021

Skeletor and the Orb of Prophecy

Lets take a peek in Snake Mountain and check out what Skeletor and his Henchmen are up to today...

It appears that Skeletor has come up with a new plan to conquer Castle Grayskull. A plan so foolproof that he is certain he cannnot fail this time! However, no one else seems as confident...

Time to consult a mystical magical aritifact with the ability to divine the answer to any question asked of it about future events... The mysterious Orb of Prophecy!

Skeletor says: Castle Grayskull will soon be mine! My latest plan cannot fail! Hahaha! Mer-Man says: We've heard that one before. Beast Man agrees and laughs. Skeletor tells them to be quiet and commands Evil-Lyn to consult the Orb of Prophecy. Evil-Lyn says: Outlook not so good and she holds a Magic 8 Ball toy. Skeletor rages in disgust! MYAAH!

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