Monday, April 19, 2021

Masters of the Universe Origins Figure Showcase

A short video showcasing the Masters of the Universe Origins Collection so far...

This is the collection so far... I finally got my hands on a few new figures too. I was able to get a Lords of Power Mer-Man which has been modified to look a bit more like the old cross sell art!

His trunks were swapped out for the furry loin cloth of the retail figure and the feet were exchanged for green feet repainted to match the color of the figure.

This Mer-Man figure now holds the spot as the main go-to Mer-Man figure of the collection.

Mer-Man isn't the only figure to be customized. The He-Man, Man-At-Arms, and Skeletor figures have recieved a bit of attention as well.

Of course He-Man's head got swapped with the vintage head design from Battle Armor He-Man, but the hair has now been repainted and highlighted. The blades on the battle-axe now have the silver highlights seen on the Lords of Power figure as well. He-Man is looking more like his old self now, isn't he?

To make him match his original design and pay homage to prototype, fur had already been added to the breast plate. but now the figure has been further customized -- First the helmet and belt got red highlights, next the bracers were repainted: blue to match the belt for the right wrist and orange to match the armor on the left arm, and finally the mustache was removed. Being a fan of the original Alcala/Glute mini-comics since they were my introduction to the mythos from them, I am more a fan of a clean shaven Man-At-Arms than the mustachioed version seen in the later Filmation cartoon series.

Last of all Skeletor was further cutomized. Skeletor's head was replaced recently with a custom head made from a mold of the orginal head sculpt, but to make the figure match the cross sell art and the Lords of Power protoype (as seen in Alfredo Alcala's original artwork) His feet were painted blue and the bat design on the breadplate was highlighted in yellow. I also painted the red jewel and drybrushed the crossed bones while I was at it.

Mer-Man isn't the only figure recently aquired, either. Origins releases of the original core 8 figures of Mattel's original 1982 first wave were dosired from the beginning so Zodac and Stratos have finally been added to the collection.

While there will be full reviews of these figures in the future, lets take a quick overview of the new figures, starting with Stratos. I have never been a big fan of the blue wing/red jet pack version of Stratos, so this figure need a bit of customizing...

I also don't like the original jet pack design which looked more like a standard figure harness worn backwards... so a while back I made sure to get a Masters of the WWE Universe Rey Mysterio figure, which uses the Classics jet pack that matches the old beloved cross sell art so I could swap it out! I did not use the Mysterio wings, however. the original plan was to use a set of original red wings, but they didn't work as well as envisioned, so the blue wings that came with the figure were painted red.

This brings us to Zodac, who has long been a favorite of mine. A very mysterious figure, rarely featured in the original storyline and play pattern, the new Origins design looks nearly exactly the like as the original figure. Reusing Beastman's torso along with Skeletor arms and legs, about the only gripe I have is the lack of a neck on the Origins design. Also, nit-picking, the bullets molded into the original figure's breatplate waist strap are absent on the new design.

With these figures the collection now contains all of the original 8 figures from the 1982 first wave of Masters of the Universe figures!

The video features the new Man-E-Faces figures as well... The desision was made to go ahead and add Origins figures of the original 1983 Mattel second wave, so Trap-Jaw, Tri-Klops, and Ram-Man have been ordered! Hopefully they will arrive this summer sometime.

Not featured yet are Battle Cat and the the Sky Sled which have been in the collection for a while now, but imagine my surprise when the new exclusive flocked Panthor was found in the wild at our local Wal-Mart! I never thought I would have one and I just couldn't pass it up. While a a tad pricey, it is absoluely magnificent! Expect full reviews of all these accessories in future adventures!

Did you enjoy the new video of the Masters of the Universe Origins collection? How about the customizations of the figures? How has your search for Origins figures been so far? Tell your story in the comments below!

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edit: video was updated May 11, 2021

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