Friday, December 4, 2020

Special Adventure: Castle Grayskull Decorative Shields

When Skeletor made his first dramatic entrance into Castle Grayskull in the very first mini-comic, He-Man and The Power Sword, one of first things that caught my eye were those two shields hanging on the wall behind him!

What are those mysterious shields? Where did they come from? Who did they once belong too? What did they represent? They looked so dadgum cool, that I just knew my new repainted and refurbished Castle Grayskull playset had to have those shields too!

At first I thought I would end up having to recreate them myself, but during my reseach on the interwebs I ran across DJ Force's Weapons Forge on Shapeways! DJ Force offers 3d printed accessories for your favorite action figure toylines, from recent brands like Masters of the Universe Classics to vintage 80s brands like M.A.S.K. or Starcom." All the things you never even knew you were missing! He also runs a shop on TeePublic which offers t-shirts, hoodies, and stickers.!

DJ Force offers 3d prints of the shields. You can also email him and he will send you the stickers for them for just a few euros. I didn't really want to go to trouble to get the 3d prints, but I go ahead and get the stickers. They ended up being printed with a shiny metalic finish that just wasn't very photogenic, so that didn't work out so well... I thought all was lost until I found his t-shirt site. There are clean images of the shields on there that can be printed out! I printed them on sticker paper, applied them to a comic book backing board, and cut them out. They now adorn the entrance hall of my Castle Grayskull playset!

I cleaned up the two images of the shields and here they are ready to print out. Now you too can have these two powerful shields in your Castle Grayskull!

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