Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Latest Eternian Toy Adventures...

I thought I would do a quick post to show everyone what I have up to lately...

With the release and recent acquisition of Mattel's latest Masters of the Universe Origins collection, I have rediscovered my love of He-Man and all things Eternia!

As you know the old vintage Castle Grayskull playset was repainted to go with the new figures. At first I thought I would stop there and leave the inside untouched, but it all started when I decided the interior of the jaw bridge had to be painted... Then it was the laser gun, that lead to the weapons rack... which in turn lead to the combat trainer!

I made a new flag pole and remade the two banners as well... The flag pole and base were painted brass. I originally tried just wrapping the sticker around the pole but that didn't work out very well as the skicker kept pulling apart. So I devised a better way to attach it. Then I remade the two throne room banners using ribbons and using small chain to hang them.

Finally that cardboard cutout of the second weapons rack has always bothered me... It needed to be a real rack! I tried out making it using dowels but I couldn't figure out a decent way to attach the weapons to it, so I made it using a miniture easel that found at Wal-Mart. Next the weapons had to be added. I made a morning star mace and used some extra guns from my fodder box...

Lets hear from you... What do you think of what has been done so far? What should be done next? Do like to customize your accessories? If so what all have you done? Please leave any thoughts you have in the comments section below!

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  1. Great job. Love how this project is coming together, and evolving.

    1. Thanks! I am anxious for the other figures to finally become widely available. I really want to get Mer-Man, Zodac, and Stratos...

  2. Great work. All the restorations look perfect.

    1. Thanks! I ended up remaking the tripod rack and painting all the weapons.


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