Sunday, February 23, 2020

Corgi 1:16 scale Die-Cast Robin Cycle

In 2005 Corgi released a 1:16 scale die-cast Robin Cycle that is almost an exact copy of Robin cycle featured in the the DC Bronze Age comics and in the DC Style Guide. Packaged in a nice open face display box (approx. 5.5" x 4"), at 1:16 scale, making it perfect for the Super-Powers collection! The Corgi Robin Cycle comes with a non-articulated Robin figure attached to the bike, but with a little effort the figure can be removed and the Super-Powers Robin figure actually sits nicely on the bike.

While we may never know if a Robin Cycle was pitched as an addition the Super-Powers collection, it was actually featured by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez in the Super-Powers update to the DC Style Guide!

Becoming a bit hard to find and going for around $30 to $40 these days, this piece makes a wonderful addition to any Super-Powers Collection display and looks great in a diorama of the Batcave.


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  1. Cool collectible. Curious as to what else Corgi made like this?

    1. Corgi made a Batcycle in the same scale... I'm debating getting one.

  2. Such a feeling of accomplishment when you can re purpose something successfully!I'm thinking about picking up some of those 70's Tonka and and jeeps for my 3 3/4 figures.

    1. Sounds like fun. Its surprising how many models are in a scale for action figures.


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