Saturday, February 8, 2020

Super Powers Telephone Booth Playset

Thanks to Pat Crawford with Reprobubbles and his 3D printer a long lost un-produced playset from the Super Powers collection is now a reality!

First teased in Tomart Action Figure Digest, the Super Powers Collection Metropolis Telephone Booth Playset would have featured a diorama of a street corner complete with a fire hydrant and the eponymous telephone booth. The telephone booth was to have had a spinning inner wall inside allowing Clark Kent to make a quick change into Superman. According to Jason Geyer of the Super Powers Archive Power Action Blog, this would have been a power action -- the corner of the sidewalk was actually a button that powered the spinning action!
Unfortunately the toyline was cancelled long before this piece could ever see the light of day.

However, concept art work along with a prototype were produced before the line was cancelled and Jason has been kind enough to share with us some clearer pictures of this apparently working prototype.


The Reprobubbles reproduction model arrived disassembled and unpainted. The the door required a small metal pin for the upper hinge and a small wooden dowel was fashioned into a thumbwheel in order to make the spinner functional. The bottom hinge pin was very fragile and was removed and replaced with a more substantial pin. Foot pegs were added to spinner in order to secure the figures to it. Because of the 3D printing process, the modeled had to be prepped and sanded before painting.

And now, some pictures of the final build-up!

What do you think of the new playset? Sound off in the comment section below!

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