Thursday, January 9, 2020

The Joker Toxic Lab (unboxing)

Box Front
He's a toxic terror! The Joker is mixing creepy chemicals to poison the citizens of Gotham City. Can Batman save them? Re-create scenes from the animated series with this action-packed playset!

Box Back
Come on, kiddies, its time to help the Joker mix up a brew of bubbling acid bath in his Toxic Lab! Pour the Chemicals (water with a drop of dish soap) into the bath-sized vat in the Joker's toxic lab, pump the bellows and watch it bubble. Now use the capture claw arm to lower a victim into the tub. The toxic lab includes the base featuring bubbling acid bath with a green clear cover, an attached capture claw arm, and two acid-green walls which snap into place. Also included are a small blue plastic gun and a pogo-stick launcher weapon. Action figures sold separately.

All the pieces as they are right out of the box
Instruction sheet
Ready to assemble
Fully assembled
Add water and a drop of dish soap to the tub and pump up the bellows for "bubbling acid"!

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  1. Got mine when they first came out...
    Nice "display base" for figures

    1. Happy New Year, Kind Sir! I hope to post some pictures of the playset with some figures when I can find some free time.

  2. This looks like a lot of fun. Looking forward to more pictures.


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