Sunday, January 19, 2020

Joker's Toxic Lab Playset with Figures

Joker, Penguin, and Riddler have captured Robin! Will they dowse
him in a bath of acid or will Batman save him? You decide!
Has Batman arrived in time? With Robin in the clutches of the Capture Claw™, dangling over a bubbling vat of deadly acid, Joker bounces around on his pogo stick, Penguin menaces with a huge machine gun, while Riddler laughs on manically at the dire situation. What happens next? You decide!

Here is the Joker Toxic Lab playset with figures as promised. I debated using Super Powers Collection figures, but decided to dig out my Batman Adventures figures instead.

The base along with the two snap-on walls form a diorama, perfect for the display of 3 ¾" scale action figures! The acid tub can be filled with water (add an optional drop of dish detergent) and pump the bellows to make it appear to bubble! The Capture Claw can be used to grab figures and dunk them into the bath. Accessories included are: a pogo stick (with launching action!) and a big ol' machine gun.

As has been discussed before, this wonderful playset originally began life as a Cloning Lab playset for a proposed second wave of Kenner's 1995 Superman: Man of Steel collection, but sadly the line was cancelled before it could be released...

With the molds already made and ready for production, the playset was repurposed in 1997 as Joker Toxic Lab for Kenner's New Batman Adventures toyline.

This wouldn't be the only playset from this proposal to be repurposed... As seen in this page from Kenner's 1996 Toy Fair catalog, what would eventually be released as the New Batman Adventures Gotham City Bank playset was originally the Superman: Man of Steel Metropolis Bank playset!

When the movie Batman and Robin was released, the playset would once again be called into action...

This time as Mister Freeze's Cryo-Freeze Chamber!

Do you have any of these playsets? How are you using them with your figures? Tell us all about it in comment section below!

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  1. Cool... saw the Freeze version before... bought the Joker Toxic Lab when it came out


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