Sunday, October 18, 2020

Out and About: Wal-Mart -- Masters of the Unverse: Origins

Somebody done been to the Wal-Mart!

We ventured out today, ending up in the that dreaded money hole known as the Wal-Mart! I absolutely can not go in that place without dropping at least $150!

This time we went in there for just a couple of small items and what did I do? That's right, I made my way over to the toy asle... I just couldn't help myself...

And there they were... In all their glory... All six first wave figures of the new Mattel Masters of the Universe: Origins retro-style figures! Sigh... yes, I bought them all. Battle-Cat was there too and it was all I could do not to buy him as well.

Combining swords-and-sorcery action with futuristic sci-fi tech, Masters of the Universe delivers powerful adventures with aspirational wish-fulfillment. With an iconic heritage and memorable mythology dating back to 1982, Masters of the Universe explores the universal themes of heroism, individuality and self-empowerment, while continuing to inspire generations of kids and adults alike.

Modernizing and celebrating the original '80s Masters of the Universe action figures, Masters of the Universe: Origins gives you the power to pose Eternia's greatest warriors as retro-style figures, or in the new action-packed battle positions.

These figures are a true update to original vintage line... they really do look very much like the old figures, but with modern articulation. There is even a Castle Gryskull available, but there wasn't one at Wal-Mart today, JUst these figures and Battle-Cat.

Here are the figures, I haven't brought myself to open them yet...

Lets hear from you... Are you a Master of the Universe collector? Did you collect the vintage figures? Are you getting these new figures? What do you think of them? Are you going to get any of the playsets or vehicles? Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

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