Sunday, July 26, 2020

Super Powers Batcave Revisited

Today I decided to get the Batcave Command Center Playset out and set it up for a while... there are some minor changes from the last time though... A few of the decals were replaced with different decals and a mat for the floor was added.

I found a little metal tea set that I thought would be perfect for Alfred. Alfred is always bringing something like this down to the cave for Bruce and Dick!

The Penny, Joker Card, and Batcomputer can be found in papercraft templates gallery of my deviantArt page.

Now lets take a closer look at all the goodies!

Finally here is the remade sticker set for the Batcave:

The print size is set in the image but if it doesn't print right for you here are the dimensions to print it at for a perfect fit: 4.691" x 7.802"

What are your thoughts on today's adventure? Have you ever used a playset for one line of figures for another or made your own playsets? Comment in the comment section below. If you enjoyed today's adventure and would like to see more when they post please subscribe by email and follow this blog.


  1. Man! Outstanding job on this! I once made Castle Doom out of an Imaginext playset. I bought it stripped down for like 2 bucks at a yard sale and repainted it. It came out kind of crappy but it served its purpose. Sadly I had to leave it behind in my recent move due to space constraints. There's a nice Playmation Avengers base I might pick up at some point and decorate with custom stickers etc.

    1. I love making dioramas from old playsets and love to see other people's work as well!


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