Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Kenner Super Powers Golden Pharaoh


British archaeologist Ashley Halberstam was working on a dig in Giza, Egypt, when he was struck by a mystical bolt of energy that emanated from a lab run by the New Gods. The bolt transformed Halberstam into Golden Pharaoh conferring upon him the "Power of the Pyramids," as channeled through his magical pyramid staff. Virtuous and heroic by nature, Halberstam has joined the Super Powers Team and the New Gods in their eternal struggle against the evil machinations of Darkseid and the legions of Apokolips.

Golden Pharaoh comes with his mystical pyramid staff. He has "Power Action Soaring Wings," when his legs are squeezed together his arms with attached glider wings will rise up! His "Pyramid Energy Glow" can be created by shining a light through his translucent purple torso and collar! While he is supposedly British, his head sculpt appears vaguely oriental to me.

Golden Pharaoh was among the two characters created solely by Kenner for the third wave of the Super Powers line, the other being Cyclotron. With such a rich catalog of characters to choose from, why would Kenner resort to creating characters just for the toyline? Well, its no secret that the toyline was struggling at this point and tons of money could be saved by cutting out the middle-man, skipping any need of paying those pesky royalties!

Golden Pharaoh's only comics appearance would be his introduction in the third and final Super Powers comic tie-in mini-series written by Paul Kupperberg and penciled by Carmine Infantino, which also serves to tell his origin story as well. Unlike the previous two Super Powers comics tie-ins, Jack Kirby wasn't involved and it was pretty obviously heavily marketed towards the kids buying the toys, featuring gratuitous appearances of the characters and vehicles from the toy line, including the proposed Tower of Darkness!
OMG! Is that the Justice Jogger back there?

Now lets take a look at the figure:

The packaging:
Card Front Card Back

Finally, here is a printable bio-card replacement! Just print these two images out on card stock and cut them out and glue them together to make your own replacement bio-card for Golden Pharaoh!

Now lets hear from you! What are your thoughts on today's adventure with Golden Pharaoh? Did you collect Super Powers when you were young? Please leave a comment in the section below.


  1. I never got into the line much. Maybe because I rarely ran into them In the wild as a kid. I had Braniac,Kalibak and Firestorm probably because they might have been warming the pegs. I don't remember seeing alot of the main characters ,though.

    1. I got most of the first wave of figures a few of the second wave... by the time of the third wave I was "too old for toys" but did get Captain Marvel and I'm glad I did, he is pretty hard to get these days.

  2. Even though he was created just for the Super Powers toy line, I like Golden Pharaoh pretty well. I have one who's not in the best shape, but he's a good place holder!

    1. As you can see from the pics this guy has some play wear, but I still love him! His power action still works and he has his staff! I don't mind figures that have been played with, toys deserve and want to be played with, it's why they exist!

  3. Interesting character. Another I had no idea about.


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