Thursday, September 27, 2018

RIP Norm Breyfogle

Artist Norm Breyfogle, best known for his iconic Batman work, passed away earlier this week at the age of 58. Details of Breyfogle’s passing are being kept private, but the artist’s passing was confirmed today by a family friend on Facebook.

The artist is known most though for his work on Batman, establishing a visual style that was all his own and helping to revitalize Detective Comics alongside writer Alan Grant. Breyfogle illustrated the Dark Knight in Detective Comics and Batman from 1987 to 1993. His art at time was fresh and iconic. He along with Alan Grant created many new characters including The Ventriloquist & Scarface along with Anarky.

Breyfogle was also responsible for the creation one of Batman's more radical Batmobiles! A powerful-looking machine that eschewed all previous designs yet was immediately recognizable as the Batmobile. Fans are often surprised to learn that early on, his design used a very real (albeit exotic) car for inspiration: the Lamborghini Countach. More specifically, the 25th anniversary Countach, which had the high-rise boot and longitudinal vents on the redesigned air boxes.

He would also work at Marvel Comics, co-creating the Ultraverse and helping to launch Prime as well as working on Avengers, Black Panther, Hellcat, Marvel Fanfare, and Moon Knight.

He would also illustrate a series of children's books as well as drawing for Archie Comics (Archie Loves Veronica, Archie Loves Betty), First Comics, and Image Comics.

Later, he would create his own series and universe with a title called Metaphysique that ran for six issues.

Breyfogle had suffered a stroke in 2014. Fans quickly rallied to his aid and donated around $89,000 to help cover his $200,000 in medical bills! DC, Marvel, and the Hero Initiative also reached out to offer aid at the time.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.

Share your thoughts about Norm Breyfogle, his art, and any condolences to the family in the comments below...


  1. this is a shock to me ,I guess I should have seen it coming after he had a stroke though. Such a loss.

    1. Yes, to me as well... I'm still processing this one. He was my favorite Batman artist back in the late '80s.

  2. My Batman reading kicked in around the time of Knightfall, so I missed out on a ton of great books from Breyfogle when they first came out. Thank goodness for back issues!

    1. It was a wonderful time... That Breyfogle Batmobile is still one of my favorites.


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