Tuesday, September 18, 2018

KISMIF - A conversation with Dick Oslund

Magician Dick Oslund tells about how he got started in magic and life on the road in this brief interview by Danny Mohill.

Dick Oslund is one of the top kid show magicians in the country. He has driven thousands and thousands of miles bringing millions of laughs to more then 20,000 audiences spanning an over 65 year career as a professional magician!

Now retired, Dick recently wrote all about his experiences in a book: Dick Oslund - The Road Scholar: Everything I Own has a Handle or Wheels.

Dick's motto has always been: "Keep It Simple, Make It Fun."

Please indulge this brief diversion into another of my hobbies... magic. Dick is a very experienced performer from whom I have learned quite bit about entertainment. I was so delighted to find this on Vimeo, that I just had to share it!

What is your experience with magic? Have you ever been to a live performance of magic? How about close-up magic? Do you have a favorite magician? Or perhaps you remember a magic show at your school auditorium when you were a kid. We'd love hear from you in the comments bellow!

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