Thursday, January 5, 2017

Latest Sea-Monkeys® News

It looks like The Sea-Monkeys® Official Website is back up and running, however the Paypal link is gone for now. There is a gofundme page for sending donations for Ms. Yolanda as well.

Now, I don't have anything to do with Transcience, but I would like to let people know a bit about what is going on (as far as I can tell)...
I have noticed that people are complaining about the speed at which the product is shipping. Yes, The product will ship and no you aren't going to be ripped off. NO, you won't get your product in couple of days, it is going to take a while (4 to 6 weeks likely. That means between a month and a month and half. This has been the normal time for mail-orders for years and years so nothing out of the ordinary there folks!). Ms. Yolanda and Mr. Nicely are the only ones fulfilling these orders. They are operating out of Ms. Yolanda's home and the orders are shipped from the local post office. When the weather gets nasty (its up in Maryland after all) and they can't get to the post office, orders won't get shipped until the weather clears. I have a feeling that the PayPal site was removed because they couldn't keep up with the orders in a timely fashion with it, so it is back good old fashioned mail-order.

I've seen people getting really upset about the quality of the products they are buying from Wal-Mart and Toys 'R' Us. Understand, that these products aren't Sea-Monkeys® they are just regular brine shrimp (Artemia Salina) eggs packaged in China! The only place you can get real Sea-Monkeys® (Artemia NYOS) is from Transcience (Yolanda von Braunhut and Brian Nicely).

Stay tuned...

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