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Masters of the Universe - Attak Trak Battle Machine

The Attak Trak, a vehicle from the vintage Masters of the Universe toy line, is a rugged land vehicle with a red chassis, built by Man-At-Arms and used by the Heroic Warriors. Its mighty treads are able to negotiate difficult terrain and overcome even the most challenging obstructions. Although designed for a single driver, it is large enough for passengers to ride holding on to its sides. The vehicle is also armed with two laser guns capable of firing powerful blasts.

Many of the components of the Attak Trak were salvaged by Man-at-Arms from the ancient ruins of the elders. Unknown to Man-at-Arms, the computer control system that he found included a powerful artificial intelligence (AI), making the vehicle capable of acting on its own and it will actually refuse to allow the Evil Warriors to operate it!

Attak Trak was released in 1983 as part of wave 2 from Mattel. It is a battery operated battle machine featuring 4 treads, 2 movable lasers, and holds one action figure.

The Attak Trak was designed by Ted Mayer, the Mattel visual designer who also worked on the Battle Ram, Wind Raider, Eternia Playset, and many other of the Masters of the Universe toys. According to Mayer, the Attak Trak started out as a mechanical toy submission that Mattel bought from an outside inventor.

Although Mayer didn’t specify who this outside inventor was, it is believed to have been Marvin Glass and Associates, who filed a patent for a four wheel drive toy on August 10, 1981, which was published on April 19, 1983:
As you can see, the mechanical treads are identical to the Attak Trak’s, but the visual design is just that of a fairly generic-looking toy tank.

Mayer gave the Attak Trak a visual design which allowed it to look more consistant with the other vehicles of the Masters of Universe toy line.

Mayer's oringinal design included a canopy over the cockpit, but this was later dropped from the final toy due to costs, however it was included with Monogram Attak Trak model kit! While the model is not motorized, it is in scale with the vintage (and Origins!) figures!

The artwork on the package was painted in oils by Rudy Obrero, who has stated in interviews that it’s his least favorite piece he worked on for the vintage line due to the many small revisions that different people at Mattel kept requesting, which were very difficult to do with the medium.

The Attak Trak was one of the first battery-operated vehicles of the vintage toyline. When functioning, the treads flip-flop propelling the vehicle forward in a very unique fashion. You will be happy to know that the Masters of the Universe Origins figures are fully compatible with this vintage vehicle, fitting into it's seat perfectly.

The vehicle's treads orignally came with rubber bands on them to give traction on slick surfaces. It also had a rubber seatbelt to hold the figures securely in the seat as the vehicle lurched forward. These items usually either dry rotted or were lost, and it is very rare to find them intact. Have no fear, replacements are available if you search for them.

Now, Lets take a closer look at the Attak Trak:

Did you have a vintage Attak Trak? Do you think that it should be released in the Origins line? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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  1. I would not be surprised if Mattel released an Origins version, that line seems like it's going full-steam ahead.


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