Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Masters of the Universe Origins: He-Man and Skeletor get better looking heads...

I'm not a big fan of the gimmick figures, but I went ahead and got my hands on a Battle Armor He-Man just to get the vintage head that comes with it. I am not a big fan of the new head sculpt so having the vintage head make the figure look so much better!

I might do a more complete review of Battle Armor He-Man one of these days but like I said I got it only for the extra head, so lets just say that you get a figure with a new head sculpt with heman with his mouth open wearing the battle armor that shows damage on the chest plate when you strike it... standard rolling barrel just like the vintage figure except for some odd reason the battle damage area is much smaller.

The figure is marketed as a "deluxe fugure" so it includes a few extra parts: an new left hand that can grip a weapon, one half of the Power Sword, battle axe (painted silver this time, to match the power sword, a plastic special effect that fits over the power sword, and finally that new head for He-Man!

I am also no fan of the new open mouth Skeletor head either. Battle Armor Skeletor comes with two new head sculpts for Skeletor but neither of them cut the mustard... and the smiling one just looks terrible! Luckily I found a guy on eBay that makes an Origins head that is an almost exact copy of the vintage Skeltor head!

Now lets take a closer look at the figures with their new heads:

Lets hear from you! What do you think of the new heads for the figures? Are you a fan of the vintage look or do you prefer the new head sculpts? Please post a comment below.


  1. Yeah, the more I look at these Battle Armor figs, the more I want them

    1. I have since posting this, re-painted the vintage head sculpt's hair. It looks really nice now!

      Also beware of the Battle Armor Skeletor! I didn't get it because the two heads that come with it (angry looking and smiling) look terrible in my opinion. The smiling Skeletor head is supposed to look more like the vintage head I guess, but it doesn't at all... it just looks... wrong. The angry head doesn't exactly look any better either.

      There is a guy on ebay that makes Skeletor heads for classics that are molded from the vintage heads and he even paints them for you! If you want a vintage look for your Skeletor I suggest you seek this one.

    2. I'm not really a stickler about Skelly's head- I'm the weirdo that's fine with the new Origins head- I just want another Skeletor, and I like the armored look on that one


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