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Review: Masters of the Universe Origins Teela

Teela, heroic "warrior goddess," is a capable female fighter imbued with the spirits of great warriors long deceased. She roams the deserted landscapes of Eternia atop her unicorn charger.

Teela first met He-Man after she had been captured by Skeletor and Beast Man in order to become Skeletor's bride. She was taken to Castle Grayskull where she was later freed by He-Man and Man-At-Arms. The Spirit of Grayskull tasked her to be the guardian of the castle in a later adventure.

Teela was originally released in the later half of 1982 as part of the first wave of eight action figures of Mattel's Masters of the Universe collection and was the first female figure in the line.

The action figure was originally supposed to be two seperate characters, the Sorceress/Goddess and a female warrior, Teela. The two characters would later be combined into one figure as Mattel believed there would not be enough demand for two female action figures in the initial wave.

The figure could be the Sorceress/Goddess character when wearing the "snake armor" and the Teela character without the "snake armor."

It’s worth noting that although Mark Taylor envisioned the Sorceress/Goddess as a human woman wearing a green body suit, the comic art by Alfredo Alcala portrayed her with a green face as well. When Teela and the Sorceress/Goddess were combined into the same character, figure kept Teela's Caucasian complexion.
Masters of the Universe

  • MOTU is back for a whole new generation of fans!

  • Collection of 5.5-in action figures includes He-Man, Skeletor, Beast Man, Teela and lots more fan favorites for storytelling fun.

  • Figures are highly posable with 16 working joints.

  • Longtime fans will appreciate the retro-style packaging and the mini comic book that comes with each figure!

  • A great gift for adult collectors and kids age 6 and older.

Masters of the Universe holds a very special place in my heart, this was last great series of toys I passionately collected as a child. I had all the figures, beasts, and vehicles of the first and second waves along with Castle Grayskull, one the best playsets ever made; and of course I had Teela!

Recently I happened upon the new Masters of the Universe Origins figures on display at the local Wal-Mart and the memories came flooding back! I just couldn't help myself... I had to have them all! Today lets take take a look at Teela --

Teela comes on a retro designed blister card resembling the original red lava burst packaging of the original ’80s line.

The Masters of the Universe logo is at the top with Teela named below. The action figure itself is displayed at the bottom in the blister.

On the back of the card, at the top we find some artwork featuring Teela and below that we see some pictures showing off the action features of the figure along with the cross sell artwork which shows off all of the other figures in the line.

Teela comes with her removable snake armor, shield and snake staff. She looks very familiar, featuring a doll-like face reminiscent to that of the vintage figure. The figure also comes packaged with the same mini-comic as the other first wave figures.

The head is ball jointed, allowing a decent range range of motion. The elbows and knees get about 90 degrees of bend in each. There are also ball joints at the hips along with a swivel waist, but no torso articulation. She does have calf swivels and the ankles are probably the most welcome change, allowing a decent balance regardless of the pose. Lets not talk about those funky flaps hiding the knee joint though, they are the only thing distracting about the figure.

The colors, while similar to those of the vintage figure, are a bit different. The boots are dark brown whereas they were more of a reddish color originally. The metalic deco doesn't have nearly the vintage luster either, looking more like that of the Filmation animated cartoon. The snake armor, sheild, and cobra staff are made of a rubbery more durable material and the armor can safely be be removed without fear of breakage.

Now, let's check out Teela:

Lets hear from you! Are you collecting the new Masters of the Universe Origins line? What about Teela? Did you have a vintage Teela figure back in the day? Please take a moment to comment below!

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