Monday, December 2, 2019

The Real Ghostbusters: Ghostbuster Janine Custom Action Figure

Back in the spring I made a custom action figure of Janine in her Ghostbuster gear. Thought I'd share some photos... I really meant to post this a while back but life distracted me a big way and I just never got around to it.

The figure base is a Real Ghostbusters Janine Melnitz Kenner Racin Wringer figure. Basically all that needed to be done was a repaint. The jumpsuit was painted pink with purple/gray trim, boots, and belt. The Ghostbuster emblem is actually the emblem from the base figure, I just carefully painted around it! The elbow pad was painted light gray. Her glasses were painted green and the lenses painted white. I also painted on some light blue eye shadow. She was given an old purple proton pack from a fright figure to round her out.

Janine mainly worked as the secretary of the Ghostbusters. However, she became much more than that while working with the team. Janine served as the Ghostbusters' link to the world outside of ghosts. She was usually the one preparing for celebrations and Halloween parties. She also took care of most bills and ordering items and Firehouse maintenance.

At one point, Janine was fed up with working behind the desk and went along with the Ghostbusters on a bust at the docks. She picked an old brass lamp as payment and accidentally released a Genie. After the ordeal was taken care of, Janine decided it was best she stick with her job as secretary. But Janine continued to work the Proton Pack over the years when the situation demanded it.

She is most commonly been seen wearing a pink uniform when she was playing the part of a ghostbuster. She can be seen wearing a uniform in the following episodes:

What are your thoughts of the Custom Gostbuster Janine figure? Have you ever made your own custom figures? Tell us all about it in the comment sections below.


  1. Didn't realize so much Real Ghostbusters toys had come out at the time. Cool collection.

    1. Thanks! I got couple of more pieces that I haven't photographed yet... stay tooned!


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