Monday, April 8, 2019

WWE Figures Collection

I made this video back when I was collecting Mattel WWE Wrestling action figures. At the time I was also trying to get as many Jakks Pacific playsets and as much graple gear as I could get my hands on as well!

Jakks Graple gear was always the best diorama fodder, ever! I use it for set dressing for everything! I also loved their playsets, especially that backroom brawl playset!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the slide show...

This is probably one of the coolest playsets that Jakks Pacific ever made... it's the Smackdown! Backstage Brawl playset and it has lights and sound. I have three of these now. One is pretty good shape, one so so, and this one which wasn't in good shape at all when I got it, so I customized it.

Can't you just hear J.R. on commentary?
"My God, King, the Wyatts have attacked John Cena and Daniel Bryan backstage! Erick Rowan and Luke Harper are double teaming Daniel, while Bray Wyatt has slammed John on a crate. This is disgusting! They're in the locker room now... No don't hit him in head with a wall locker! No not on the toilet with a solid steel chair! You'll kill him you evil... OH DEAR LORD! Daniel Bryan has been broken in half! Look at Bray Wyatt celebrating! This is horrible! Somebody get some help!"

And finally something not in the slide show: The Teddy Long Smackdown Main Event Booking Chart!

You can view all of the photos featured in the slide show and more in my deviantArt gallery.

What did you think of the slideshow? Do you have a favorite wrestler? Sound off in the comments section below!

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