Monday, February 25, 2019

Penguin's Palace

With the help of Batman & Robin, Penguin's Palace is being raided by the GCPD!
The dirty bird is going to jail this time!

This wonderful retro backdrop was found on the Facebook group Living the Adventure Dios gaving the inspiration to create a quick Penguin themed diorama on the Ultarama display.

Merely having Batman, Robin, and Penguin in the scene just didn't seem enough. A couple of Penguin Commandos from Kenner's Batman Returns collection along with a Batman The Animated Series Gotham City Enforcement Team Commissioner Gordon round out the scene.

The guns that came with Commissioner Gordon are ridiculously oversized, but a quick raid on the Punisher's armory yielded a .45 that fits perfectly! Hopefully Frank won't miss it...

The original backdrop and Ultarama logo strip can be down loaded below.

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  1. Looks great.I need to snag up at least a couple Super Powers figures In my travels.So far I only have Darkseid.

    1. This little collection I have has been a joy to me.

      I wish the line had gone on for little longer... Kenner had some great ideas that never saw production.

  2. What/where from is the Ultarama display. Can you elaborate. Is that of your own invention.

    1. No, the ultarama display system is not my invention. They were made and sold back in the early 2000s, but the company making them went out of business and they are no longer available outside places like ebay or Amazon traders. I reviewed the Ultarama display system on another post:


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