Tuesday, May 5, 2015

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Cabin Control Nemo Playset

This playset was produced by Mezco Toys waaaaaay back in 2001. It features an action figure of Captain Nemo from the Jules Vern classic novel along with all that is needed in order to construct a playset of the control cabin from the Nautilus submarine, including loads of accessories and set dressing!
Cabin Control Nemo BoxThe box is work of art by itself… with curving pieces and windows meant to look like a submarine. Removing the toys from the box without damaging it is nearly impossible! Inside you will find Captain Nemo who has wavy, light hair, a red bandana, two (metal) loop earrings. The paint job is excellent, and the figure’s articulation is high (16 individual points).
The diorama of the control cabin of the Nautilus is just as finely detailed. Once you get the various pieces unpacked, it’s a simple matter to connect the floor and walls together. The design is distinctly Jules Verne, with a metal grate base, riveted submarine walls, large bubble windows, and turquoise-hued metal pieces that look to have been too long exposed to the seawater. It’s a pretty big set, and one that easily accommodates its tons of accessories. These include a table and chair, large steering wheel, little maps with bucket, a shark’s jaw with skeleton hand, a globe, a pipe, a cup, books, swords, treasure chest, vessel control panel, periscope, and so on…
Control Cabin Diorama
I picked this up from Ebay recently, because it goes perfectly with the Character Options range of Doctor Who Figures.

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