Thursday, March 8, 2018

Super Powers Bio-Cards

Hasbro started it all by printing file cards on the backs of G.I. Joe action figure blister cards. Kids were expected to cut them out and save them along with the figures. The figure collector cases even featured compartments to keep the file cards in.

This allowed kids to have a better idea about who was who in the collection, who the good guys were , who were the bad guys, and what their powers were. Kenner definitely paid attention to this when they designed the packaging for the Super Powers collection.

In the case of the Super Powers Collection the file cards are known as bio-cards and in the first two waves they featured a picture of the character on one side and the information/biography about them on the other side. Even the Hall of Justice playset included a practical feature using the bio-cards to show who was on duty at the moment. The problem is, that most of us lost our bio-cards and the few that survived are damaged in some way... most of time we accidentally tore up the picture on the front of card removing the blister from the package!

Here I have tried to reproduce the bio-cards with good quality images of both the front and backs of the cards. Print them out on 8.5 x 11 card stock, cut them out, and fold and glue them together.

Click the links below the download the bio-cards in PDF Format.
Bio-Card Pack 1       Bio-Card Pack 2
Bio-Card Pack 1 Bio-Card Pack 2

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