Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Batcave Set

Here is my version of the Classic Batman TV Series Batcave! Yes, the trophies weren't on the TV show, but whats a Batcave without them? You can glimpse them in Batman: The Return of the Caped Crusaders cartoon movie that was released recently though. The T-Rex is from an adventure on Dinosaur Island, the giant penny is from Batman's encounter with the Penny Plunderer. And of course the giant Joker playing card is from one of The Joker's many appearances.

I bought my T-Rex from Wal-Mart. The penny and the Joker card are from Iron Cow Free Downloads. They were printed out with a color laser printer and mounted on foam board. The atomic pile is realized with a printout of a picture by DeviantArtist SeriojaInc and the other background images are the cards that were included with the figures. The Batcomputer and Batphone are from the Batcave playset.

The figures are great! I love them, they are wonderful likenesses of the actors. Check out the images below:

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