Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Trip to McDonaldland

After posting about McDonaldland a few days ago, and seeing this playset, I just had to have one. Well here it is, a complete Remco McDonaldland playset with all seven of the McDonaldland characters! The play surface and backdrop are in relatively good condition, the Locomotive works like a top, and the Apple Pie Tree is complete with all its branches, leaves, and swing. The restaurant is intact and the roof sign isn't broken.

It is quite rare to find an intact complete set like this. As you can see, there is an additional train car, bench, and food tray which weren't included in the original set. This is because in order to have a complete set with working like-new components, it had to be compiled piecemeal from several separate ebay listings.

Here is the ad copy says about the set:

Welcome the the fun and excitement of McDonaldland®. There's so
much to do. The gathering place for Ronald Mcdonald®
and all the McDonaldland characters. Take a ride on the colorful
wind up train featuring a Locomotive, Passenger Car and
Hamburglar® Paddy Wagon, also seven pieces of track, and a
Stop-n-Go signal switch. Play with the swing on the enchanting
Apple Pie Tree®. Cross the Filet-O-Fish™Lake via the
Golden Arches Bridge. Put Ronald on stilts for real clown fun.
Serve a tray with McDonalds® hamburger and drink at the
famous McDonald's Family Retaurant. All this on a 28½" x 30"
Playland surface enhanced by an 11" colorful backdrop. Words for
the McFavorite Clown™ song are printed on the play surface.
Special McDonald's Letterland® Stationary included for personal
messages. All plastic parts molded of strong, safe, non-toxic
materials. Surely THE fun place to be.
Here are the 1:12 scale Kaleidoscope House figures in McDonaldland with the McDonaldland Characters for a scale comparison.

Something I didn't realize at first, but found out later from researching the actual commercials, is the spot on accuracy of the set! Why does the Hamburglar Paddy Wagon have a siren, a light, and a radar dish? Well, the paddy wagon as you see it in the set was actually featured in the commercial entitled Paddy Wagon, with Big Mac in which he even says, "I got mah cy-reens, mah lights, and mah ray-darr" as he pulls the Paddy Wagon over the Golden Arches Bridge. Now, how about those stilts? Were they just included to give Ronald something clowny to do? Not at all! They were also featured in a commercial, STILTS, which also features the McFavorite Clown song.

Get yourself, ready for a trip in McDonaldland
Take along a friend, and grab hold of Ronald's hand
Follow Ronald McDonald through the land of Apple Pie Trees
And don't be surprised when you meet Big Mac and McCheese

There's Thick Shake Volcanoes, you'll even find a French fry thatch
Now just turn around and see if you won't find a Hamburger Patch
As you're headin' for...for McDonald's

In McDonaldland at McDonald's
In McDonaldland at McDonald's
In McDonaldland at McDonald's

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  1. I bought an incomplete set last year. Didn´t have the backdrop. Just the train. I am going to make a custom one day.


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