Monday, January 1, 2018

Weird-Ohs: Huey's Hut Rod the Way Outhouse Bomb

Its Huey's Hut Rod, the Way Outhouse Bomb! Huey is a green hillbilly monster with crazy bulging eyes, his long tongue hangs out of his jagged toothed mouth. He has cobbled together his "hut rod" from an an old outhouse, scrap lumber, and other assorted junk! A toilet plunger is attached to the side and he uses a corn cob for his gear shift knob. The engine has a huge turbo charger on top with a pink rubber band for a belt. The exhaust is made from galvanized steel plumbing pipes. That isn't moonshine in that jug he is using for a fuel tank, that's Pluto Water, a powerful old time laxative. He rattles past a sign which reads, "Podunk Holler Drag Strip."
I always wanted this kit but never was able to get one. My buddy had one, and I was envious. After Hawk was acquired by Testors, the The Weird-Ohs resurfaced during the Eighties as "Grodies" and again in the Nineties with modifications in conjunction with a short-lived (and terrible) animated cartoon show. Eventually, J. Lloyd acquired Hawk along with Lindberg, another model kit company with a long history. The Hawk brand name was revived and the Weird-Ohs were re-released once again (reversing modifications made for the Nineties versions) with vintage looking packaging. I was able to get my hands on one of these later re-releases. A company called Round-2 now owns them and is planning another re-release in 2018.

Once again the model parts were washed and primed. The majority of the painting was completed before assembly while the parts were still on the sprues. The interior of the model was painted flat black. The "wooden" parts were painted with a medium to dark brown and dry brushed with light tan to bring out the wood textures. The same but with yellow was done with the corn cob. The shingles on the roof were painted flat black and dry brushed with red. The moonshine jug was painted purple and an old cork was cut to fit it along with a piece of coiled copper wire for the fuel line. Some brown yarn was used for the hatband. Finally the decals were applied. Once again there are unnecessary decals for the racing slicks, with "Badyear" already engraved on them this can be brought out by dry brushing. If I were to do this over again, I probably wouldn't use the decals for the eyes and just paint dots for pupils as if he were cross-eyed.
Huey lived in Tennessee atop a mountain tall, he always wanted a hot rod, but his ready cash was small. So, using parts he found out back Huey got it done, he didn't win any races, but he did have lots of fun. With natural gas and moonshine he made that out-house run!

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