Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Review: The Ultarama Display System

The Ultarama is a complete action figure display system that is both flexible and customizable. With the use of the Ultarama's molded plastic platforms that contain 80 pre-molded peg holes and its proprietary pegging system, collectors can display their collections in three totally unique ways: stacked two levels high in the shape of a semicircle, clipped back-to-back in the shape of a circle, or configured as two separate and complete one level displays. With the purchase of additional Ultaramas, collectors can build their display many stories high! The Ultarama also includes four unique 8 X 10 background scenes, 48 pegs for 3 3/4" figures, and 24 pegs for 6" figures. The 6" pegs also fit most 4 1/2" figures and most vintage 3 3/4" figures.

Because the Ultarama background scenes are a standard 8x10 size, it is very easy to create your own backgrounds. You can use your own photos or art, or there are many pictures available from a variety of sources on the internet. Just print the pictures out as 8x10s on card stock or photo paper and add them into the slots on the Ultarama!

Each Ultarama level also has place for a logo strip. Logo strips are like shelf talkers telling what the theme of the display is. These strips are 10 1/2" by 1" and can be easily made and printed as well.

Unfortunately the Ultarama Display System is no longer manufactured as the company that made them went out of business. They can still be found for sale occasionally on eBay or from Amazon sellers. Be very careful if purchasing from one of these places. Sometimes the sets aren't complete or have been modified or customized by the owners. Many times you will find the seller is trying to sell only one level as a complete system. A complete Ultarama System shouldn't be more than about $80 or so as of March 2018.

Here are some pictures of my Super Powers themed Ultarama! Right now it is five levels tall!

What do you think of the Ultarama Display System? Do you have one? Please leave a comment bellow.


  1. Wouldn't mind getting one of these for my Star Wars collection.

    1. Thats what these were originally created for! There is a site called Rebel Scum that used to associated with the official Ultarama site that has loads of downloadables for the Ultarama system...

    2. Unfortunately the only thing I find when I search for an Ultraman System is Ultraman figures. If you ever see one please point me towards it.

    3. And now I see my problem...ULTARAMA!!! Not Ultraman. DOH!!!!

    4. LOL! Last I looked an Amazon seller had one up for sale for $80...


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