Monday, February 13, 2017

To the Batcycle!

This is the Hot Wheels Elite 1966 Batcycle. I picked this little item up on Ebay recently for a bargan, as such it was a loose item with a couple of issues -- such as the rear reflector broken off and a missing footpeg with shifter lever. The foot peg was easily replaced with a toothpick. Otherwise, it is complete and displays nicely. This is not a plastic toy, therefore it contains all the fine details expected of a collectible diecast motorcycle.

Although it isn't designed to go with the action figures, at 1:12 scale it is nearly perfect! With a little bit of care you can actually get the figures to ride on it and even have them grip the handle bars. The handle bars are very fragile, so care must be taken not to break them! I ended up accidentally pulling the hand grips off trying to get Batman's hands on the grips, but they pushed back on without any real damage.

It even includes Robin's little side car/go-cart thingy, which is removable. It's a bit fragile and the handle bars don't control the steering, yet the front the wheels do move from side to side so it may have at one time. The go-cart fits loosely in the side car with nothing holding it in but gravity and it can roll out unexpectedly, so be careful when handling it. Getting the figure to ride on it can be a real chore. Without double jointed knees, Robin looks a bit awkward on it. While his hands could be put on the handle bars, it seemed a bit risky, so I didn't even try.

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