Monday, December 12, 2016

An Amazing Way to Auto-Share to Social Media

Social Media is a necessary evil. If you want to publicize your latest blog post, then you need to let your readers know whenever there is a new post, so a Facebook page and a Twitter account for the blog are absolutely required. This doesn't mean you have waste your time after posting a new update sharing the post by hand to the media you are using to promote it.
Let (If This, Then That) do it all for you! I won't go into gory detail about how to set it all up, it is pretty intuitive and there are ready-made recipes for most of the popular social medias.

Here is what I am doing with this blog: Whenever I post, IFTTT automatically updates the blog's Twitter feed with a link to the new post. Twitter then posts an update to the blog's Facebook page. All this is done automatically. I could let IFFT post to both for me or I could do it the other way around and have IFTTT post to Facebook, but this just works better for me and I like the way Twitter's Facebook app formats its posts.

I had to muck about today testing it to get it all right...

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